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About the Artist

I began to work in this fashion many years ago. Most of my first works were made using various automotive parts, such as shock absorbers, cam shafts, rocker arms, and wiper motors.

From growing up in the automotive field, such items were directly related to my field of work. One of my favorites, was a robotic sculpture mounted on the trunk of my car, which I controlled from inside. The arms of this sculpture was able to squirt water in any direction.

Over the years, my work has evolved to using a more intricate variety of components, from old cash registers, adding machines, typewriters, and sewing machines.

Each piece that I use in my work is an actual "used part", that has it's place in history, and it's own story. Nothing is fabricated for the sculpture, and I try not to alter the shape of any of the parts that I use. Their sizes range from small enough for key chains, to over 30 feet tall.


As a youth, I've always been artistically inclined. I have experience in music, such as playing the clarinet and piano. I have always enjoyed taking things apart, to see how they worked, and experimented with rearranging them, into something else.
I've once used a battery, wires LED bulbs, and copper strips on my roller skates, to have them light up when I pressed down on my toes, in rhythm to the music. I have also done things, like make a ten foot long bicycle, and a go-cart, out of a riding lawn mower.

In sculpturing, I'm able to bring forth visual renditions of my imagination. I inspired by the world around me, and pay close attention to how things of the past, transpires into the future.
To many people, it's hard to see what made things function in the past, how they evolved, and how they work today. In my work, I try to show, in a way, that one can visually see the mechanics of ages ago, up to today's modern inventions. Perhaps, this will give you some idea of what may lie in the future.